NO. This isn't about all the cool golf courses I've played.  Actually it has NOTHING to do with golf.  I hate to admit it but I'm not much of a golfer.  I can't really commit 4 hours to much of anything.


Here are some links to sites that contain helpful information about Real Estate; especially bank owned properties.  I have also included sites that provide information about Pittsburgh, shopping and other sites I use, recommend or just plain enjoy.  I hope that you enjoy them and find them useful.

Real Estate Related

Pittsburgh Stuff
  • Pittsburgh--general info
  • Pittsburgh weather
  • Pittsburgh Traffic
  • Allegheny County
  • Movies In Pittsburgh
  • City Search Pittsburgh
  • Port Authority--transportation
  • CCAC--community college
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
  • Pittsburgh Tribune Review

     My Favorite Shopping Sites

    Favorites, fun and FREE stuff!! 
  • Upromise--save for college FREE
  • Allegheny County Library System
  • Allegheny County Parks
  • Summer Concert Series--FREE
  • Internet White Pages 
  • College Football-Go PENN STATE
  • Free Software downloads
  • Groupon--great offers emailed daily
  • Living Social--Half off deals daily



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    Your mission--should you choose to accept it--is to email me link(s) you think are interesting, useful or cool.  I'll check them out.  If I like them and they're useful/appropriate (you know who you are) or just plain fun; I will add them to this page giving you the credit (if you want) for the addition .  So start sending me those links and we'll see how it works out.  Here are the ones you have already sent me that I have added!  OK, so its just me.  C'mon.  Don't be shy.

    The Priority Realty Community--why can't we all just get along--The Links
    Submitted by: The Link and link details:
    Montgomery "Monty" Miller  4/22/2015   Mortgage Lending
     Ryan Kelly  11/23/2016

    College Savings and 529 Plans


    Ryan Kelly   11/23/2016

    Find Affordable Online Colleges

     Caitlin Stewart   4/5/2017

    Accredited Online College Resources

     Caitlin Stewart   4/5/2017

    Online Universities & Colleges

     Jessica Carter  5/12/2017

    Parents guide to instilling credit awareness and responsible financial habits

     Megan Moore  10/31/2017

    Resource library for Online Colleges

     Megan Greer  11/17/2017

    MBA Programs online

     Chris Lehinhan  12/1/2017

    Data Sciences careers and resources

     Michel Wright 12/13/2017

    Renovation Financing Information

     Sam Grey

    Online Graduate Programs

     Julia Dunlap  4/18/2018

    Downsides to a college savings 529 plan

     Emily Porter  8/8/2019

    Saving money at home

    Kristy Crane  11/5/2019

    Real estate career paths









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