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There are no visual tours, no panoramic photos, no streaming video, no RSS feeds (whatever those are), not even a blog.  Just videos.  Kind of like MTV used to be back when many of these videos first came out.  I promise I won't let this tab get into "reality" TV, game shows or quasi-news features.  AND, if you don't remember when MTV played videos, please close this website now--you won't be able to buy real estate for many more years.  You probably don't remember having to record music off the radio or worse having to actually buy the record or cassette.  Who am I kidding, you don't even know what those are.  God bless the internet.

So why music on a real estate website?  Why not!

I was having a discussion many years earlier about music with a radio DJ (maybe it was a therapist, I can't remember) but I asked him why it was that I could remember a song I loved 20 years ago, that I hadn't heard in over 15 years but I could recall the song word for word, note by note, like it was yesterday; only 20 years earlier.  He told me that I didn't remember the music as much as I related the music to a specific person, event or period in time.  The connection between the music and the event is what forever solidified both things in my psyche.  I thought about it and he WAS right.  Then I thought, hey, you're a DJ; what do you know.

Anyway, here are some videos that have always made me recall some kind of place, person, time or event.  I'd like to share those and some of their backstories with you. I'll be adding more and making changes so check back often.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

This is a great place to begin...  It was 9/25/1987; oddly enough, 14 years to the day before my son was born.  U2 was on the 3rd leg of the Joshua Tree tour.  I thought it was one of the greatest album's I've ever heard.  I still do.  There was only one problem.  The tour was in Philadelphia at JFK Stadium and I was in State College...with no car.  I'm still not exactly sure how everything leading up to this point gets me where this story was put in motion but it is otherwise one of my more vivid memories.....  Somehow we ended up finding a car and began our adventure (it did turn into an adventure) around 9 in the morning.  We hit my parents' house around noon, loaded up some food and "beverages" and headed to Philly.  Normally this is about 3-3 1/2 hour trip.  This one took over 7 hours  It started out OK until we hit the Schkuykill Express.  It was around 4:00 pm on a Friday RUSH HOUR but we were going into the city!  Traffic stopped dead.  We turned the car off for 30-45 minutes at a time.  I still don't know what caused the mess but it took 2 1/2 hours to go 3 miles.  One of the problems, I suppose, was each big venue (JFK Stadium, The Spectrum and Veteran's Stadium) in the sports district all had a big event.  When we finally got close enough to see the stadium there was no NO PARKING--ANYWHERE.  We ended up parking in this alley about a 1 mile away.  We had to climb an 8 foot high chain link fence (ripping a new pair of jeans) just to get into JFK's parking lot.  Frustrated, tired, anxious, and excited all at the same time; not to mention ready to burst from the beverages.  When we finally did make it through the gates we already missed the opening  band.  We worked our way down onto the SRO field where about 70 yards and 50,000 people separated us from the stage.  This was the first stadium show I had ever seen.  But between the trip to get here, the 100,000 people crowding around me and all out disgust and exhaustion; I was not all too keen on seeing this show.  Then...... The arena went dark.  The masses screamed.  And with a huge flash of light U2 started their show.  Within 2 songs I was transported from this huge stadium that was falling apart back to The  Decade which was also on the verge of falling apart (incidentally U2 did play there).  I couldn't believe it.  It became so intimate and so personal, so quickly.  Bono had his right arm in a sling which made him unable to play guitar.  When he was done explaining how he broke his arm, he asked the audience if someone wanted to play his guitar.  The place went nuts.  Some guy got pulled up on stage.  He said he could play.....he couldn't.  He was awful.  The show went on and several songs later Bono asked if anyone else wanted to play his guitar.  The audience went even more nuts; some thinking they had a shot to play and others thinking "Not Again".  Turns out Bruce Springsteen wanted to play Bono's guitar.  It was so cool, such a great show.  3 encores later 100,000 fans left for their cars, and so did another 60,000+ from the other 2 venues....all at about the same time.  And so we started on another 3 hour adventure to get back onto the Expressway.  I don't  remember the ride home; the entire trip had almost become a blur by that point of the evening.  Today, however, this trip is still very vivid.  This video is a live clip from the Tempe, Arizona show December 20th, 1987.  Enjoy.  Side note:  I didn't want to use a "commercial" clip but this was about the only one that won't eventually get taken down.

US The Sweetest Thing
OK.  So I'm a U2 fan (except for the Zooropa period, ick).  I love the song but I'd never seen the video before.  Chrissy played this one for me and explained the back story for the song; (I of couse had no idea) but Bono apparently forgot his wife's birthday when they were on tour.  He was in the dog house and this was his apology.  It is sweet; even though I'm not sure that means, but three things occured to me:  1. in this video Bono looks more like Screech and less like a not so hairy version of Robin Williams.   2.  Bono's wife is pretty hot.  3.  Wow.  This is me.  I'm always apologizing for something, most of which isn't even my own doing.  I guess we could probably all take something from Bono's book; more grand gestures. 
Sunday Bloody Sunday live at Red Rocks

This is one of those seminal videos for me.  I couldn't wait to see it on MTV (yes, you actually had to wait back then) but the good thing for me was that it was played about every 30 minutes.  This was cool for so many reasons.  The message was so powerful, the band so passionate, the venue was amazing BUT incredibily sparse and everyone (myself included) was soooooo young.  From that point I decided, I had to see Red Rocks!  Finally on a business trip to Denver I made it to Red Rocks.  I sat in the concrete seats, went up on the stage (it is really small believe it or not), visualized what it must be like to play here, climbed the rocks where it said not to climb not to climb and then did donuts with the rental car in the parking lot.  It was a moving experience for me.  I can't speak for U2.   That was then.

This is now.    So much changes in 25 years.  The venues have changed.  The shows have gotten bigger.  The stages got massive.  Special effects, football field sized video screens, technology changes and let's not forget ticket prices.  I included this one because I love the song and I think The Edge bares more than a passing resemblance to Bill Cowher.  

MYSTERY BONUS VIDEO:  I have some space left......  So here's An aweome Joshua Tree video .  You'll have to click it see which one it is.  Here's a hint:  It's kind of a Beatles rip off.   But I love this full length version.

Johnny Clegg  Dela live
Sometimes I just have no idea how I find stuff. This was one of those things. I must have been in a record store (are they still called that?) back in 1990 and was doing that free listening thing that they have. I came across this album towards the end aisle, in what was called the World Music section. I had no idea what World Music was THEN but I figured, hey, it's free. I loved it. It became this whole new genre for me. For years the CD had been gathering dust in my collection when a few weeks ago I watched George of the Jungle on DVD. There was this song. For about 30 minutes it was racking my brain trying to figure out who it was. Then, poof, all of a sudden there it was Johnny Clegg, out of nowhere. Scary.


How can you not love this! 80s looking band, 80s sounding band; can anyone say The Knack??? I'm wondering if these guys have been playing this song since 1982 (they look old enough) and it took until now to catch on.... hmmmmm. I guess anything is possible. Seriously though, how many takes do you think this took to shoot? And who comes up with this stuff???? Lemme see, 4 guys in their 30s and 40s, let's put them on treadmills doing the equivalent of sychronized swimming. Yep, that's it. Guys come in's the concept.... We love it. So who's going to be the stuff on the treadmills? Us? That's an even better idea! OK then, break a hip, I mean leg. Never mind. Don't break anything, we don't have the insurance.

Say what you want about that the 80s: bad hair, bad fashion, annoying catch phrases,self absorption, Molly Ringwold. Some of the music may have been trite and uninspiring but it was fun. This video takes me back to college. I was responsible for an on-campus venue that did small concerts every 2 weeks or so.  I wanted to do a larger act; someone "recognizable" but a little less mainstream. I scoured trade publications, taked to managers and booking companies. Then I began the planet alignment process; finding an act that met our criteria, was on tour, was in the right section of the country around our date, didn't compete with the University Concert Committe's booking and WAS IN OUR BUDGET.  Enter Information Society. Although not my 1st choice; IS was a great one hit wonder band, had a #2 hit and was a little less mainstream. It was the first major touring artist I booked and I put an entire year's budget on the line to do it.  I'm still amazedwe pulled it off.  I learned so much. If you want to see some crazy stuff, read a perfomance contract for a major artist. 40 some pages of "stuff" (and this was in 1988). Most of it was pretty standard, some just ridiculous. The food and beverage rider alone was 8 or 10 pages! This probably where I learned some negotiating skills.  My director reviewed the contract and laughed.  "We can't do most of this, make it work or the show is off". I cut a 40+ page contract down to 12 pages. The food and beverage provision became fried chicken and roast beef from Roy Rodgers! What fun! The best part for me was introducing the act. There were only about 1000 people but what a rush.


This is another webviewer participation project just like on the The Links  tab.  If you have some cool videos with some interesting (or in my case, not so interesting) backstories that you would like to share email me  the details.  I'll check them out and post what I can giving credit where credit is due.  I'll try to get the proper formatting.  Just leave that up to me. Here are the ones I've received so far. OK, mostly just me. Sharing people. Sharing!

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OK:  I'll be first    Bob M.    2/27/08  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... and then I turned 40... I guess I should also say that this was the Rated R version (better to disclose, just like in real estate)



This one was sent by my sister Judy on 3/3/08.  She sends me stuff like this all the time, most of the time I never even look at it (sorry, Wrunt),  It's not music but this one I included for 3 reasons:  1: it's humorous AND has a great message.  2: Randy lectured at CMU in Pittsburgh.  3. No one else has sent anything!   This is the full 75 minute "Last Lecture".  If you want an abbreviated version, Here is a short version from Oprah .  It's good too.